Monday, June 20, 2005

Sprint, ESPN close to NFL deals: "

Jon Gales just pinged me and alerted me to a developing story involving Sprint and NFL. Apparently two organizations are close to signing a $200 million five year sponsorship deal. The promotional aspects aside, it seems Sprint will be able to show NFL clips on its speedy EVDO phones. No live games - for that you will have to sign-up for ESPN, which is a Sprint MVNO, and has a deal with NFL through 2006. Just one observation: how the hell are the phones going to stay powered up through the length of the game. I know it sounds cool, but ESPN could be facing some technical challenges. After the merger with Nextel closes, Sprint will also become one of the main sponsors of Nascar. Going forward it will be a marketing battle like never before: Sports (Sextel) vs Catherine Zeta Jones (T-Mobile) vs Verizon Dweeb vs Cingular’s All Over. I for one couldn’t care less about all this crap except for one decent phone that works everywhere!


(Via GigaOm: Om Malik's Broadband Blog.)

Sprint, ESPN close to NFL deals


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