Sunday, February 06, 2005 is a scam: "Wow, I'm sorry I didn't mention this before online!

I got billed for $25 on my carrier bill from this service a while ago after signing up then getting all this SMS spam constantly for days. I finally went in and shut all the stuff off within a week or so, but at the end of the month it turns out that all those messages were Premium SMS messages! Bastards. Honestly, though, I figured I had missed something during the signup and didn't think to write about the con.

Now within a couple days, I got asked about the service in person and I see Joi is having trouble with them as well. is now extending their scam to instant messaging - sending out invites on your behalf, and making it hard to cancel the service. Seems pretty much in line with what I saw. They may even be charging the people who get text messages premium rates as well. Check your bill at the end of the month.

Yeah, definitely, 100% stay away from this company. is a complete con. Total scam.


(Via Russell Beattie Notebook.) is a scam


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