Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Do I really have to explain why I dumped my Sprint Cell service?

Sprint sucks. Palm sucks
: "

Sprint sucks. Palm sucks

: The TreoCentral store is selling the new Treo 650 for $319 with a two-year contract but only to new customers. Meanwhile, Palm is selling it to existing customers for $599. What the hell is the difference whether I'm new if I sign a friggin' two-year contract? In fact, you should be giving me the break because I'm already a customer and you didn't have to pay hundreds in marketing dollars to acquire me as a customer. But pull this crap and you lose me to a competitor real fast.

Stupid Sprint sucks. Stupid Palm sucks.

: UPDATE: I just emailed the head of national media PR for Sprint suggesting that they read the comments and bile that welled up as soon as I posted this. Let's see whether they listen to their customers....

In fact, why don't you all email Mr. Nicholas Sweers yourselves. Let Sprint know what its customers think of it.


(Via BuzzMachine.)

Sprint sucks. Palm sucks


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