Friday, January 14, 2005

Anyone want to guess on how long, if at all these types of services will appear on our shores?

Korean phone companies offer something for your health or your love life: "

Now that cellphone users can change their service provider while keeping their phone number, companies are adding new services to steal customers from their rivals, explains JoongAng Daily.

SK Telecom plans on introducing a 'mobile health care phone' next month, targeted at subscribers who are at least middle aged. The phone would monitor the owners' blood sugar, stress and body fat levels, all by merely placing a finger on the sensor.

KTF plans to introduce this month a cellphone that provides eyesight checkups, including color blindness tests. The owner only needs to look into the phone's monitor, and a program can determine one's eye prescription.

The company is also coming out with a phone that checks customer's blood alcohol content. Through a simple game, a program determines how intoxicated the owner is by measuring how fast and accurate the phone owner reacts when the icon moves.

Providers are also introducing services targeted to romantically challenged users in their teens or in their 20s. KTF has started a service where a text message sender can find out whether the person s/he's fancying has seen the message or not.

SK Telecom and KTF will introduce in March a service that can translate Chinese, Japanese and English. It also allows a voice system that gives the correct pronunciation.

Finally, LG Telecom said it has been providing a service that would ban any spam advertisements or a call from potential stalkers.


(Via Smart Mobs.)

Korean phone companies offer something for your health or your love life


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