Sunday, December 05, 2004

We SMS You a Merry Christmas: "

Want an SMS for Christmas?

'The survey, commissioned by Motorola Australia's Personal Communications Sector (PCS) and carried out by Galaxy Research, found that 70 precent of 16-34 year olds surveyed planned to send text messages this Christmas.

'The survey also found that half of all young Australians would rather receive a fun text message than a Christmas card, with fun messages particularly popular among 16-24 year olds,' according to a statement from Motorola.

Nearly half of those surveyed preferred to send text messages rather than talking on the phone. Sixty one percent of 16-24 year old respondents preferred text over talking on the phone, and 67 percent of those living outside capital cities preferring this method of communication.

One in three respondents also intended to take their mobile phone to Christmas parties so that they could take photos, the survey found.' [iTnews, via]

A bet: if you're under age 35, you probably will do just what the survey says and take your phone, use it during parties, and communicate while multitasking F2F (face to face). If you're over age 35, you probably view this behavior as rude and you don't want to be interrupted by phone messages (text or voice) during F2F parties.

A generalization that will naturally have exceptions, but I think we're getting to the point where the U.S. is starting to catch up to the numbers in this article....


(Via The Shifted Librarian.)

We SMS You a Merry Christmas


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