Saturday, December 11, 2004

T-Mobile Says 3G by 2007: "T-Mobile exposes their 3G gap to the world: It's exhibitionist time, with T-Mobile admitting that their 3G plan is to wait two years before deploying UMTS, giving them a gap for wireless data large enough for Verizon and Cingular and Sprint to eat their lunch. I'm not sure why T-Mobile is waiting. There are practical reasons--spectrum is expensive and not plentiful--but I would be going the VoIP + Wi-Fi + 3G route. If I had T-Mobile's large Wi-Fi hotspot network. I would be aggressively working with handset vendors to be the first to deploy a Wi-Fi/GSM hybrid phone in the U.S. and give away Wi-Fi gateways to customers as a promotion. I would have the phones set to use EAP-SIM or a similar authentication in T-Mobile locations. I would aggressively open the Wi-Fi network to roaming to encourage use of the Wi-Fi/GSM phone in other Wi-Fi locations--especially airports and hotels. I'd sell business travelers a nifty little portable Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge. And I'd deploy UMTS like gangbusters. Offloading voice to Wi-Fi, encouraging the growth of Wi-Fi use, and deploying 3G would be a combined plan that it would take Cingular until 2006 to meet, and Verizon and Sprint don't really have a gameplan to own enough to make it happen faster. But that's just me. This business plan overview brought to you at no charge by Glenn's notion that he knows more than people running multi-billion-dollar companies...."

(Via 802.11b Networking News.)

T-Mobile Says 3G by 2007


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