Friday, December 24, 2004

T-Mobile Blackberry Crippled?: "

tmobile_blackberry7230.jpg imageIt has been called to my attention that T-Mobile's Blackberry users may be getting the big stinky shaft when it comes to using third-party apps. There's extensive discussion on the topic at HowardForums and PDAStreet, but the message seems pretty clear: customers aren't getting what they're paying for, and they're mighty peeved. The issue seems to stem from the fact that TMO users on the $5 WAP plan were working around that plan's limitations and handing themselves unlimited access; TMO's 'fix'—apparently blocking everything other than port 80 WAP traffic—may have filled the $5 plan loophole, but it also seems to have crippled the access of Blackberry users, restricting them to the built-in web and mail apps. Potential Blackberry buyers beware. (Thanks, Scott!)

Do not get a Blackberry from T-Mobile [HowardForums]

TMO / BB blog post (negative) [PDAStreet]


(Via Gizmodo.)

T-Mobile Blackberry Crippled?


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