Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Ok this looks a bit strange at first glance. Of course the lack of a camera is a big hurdle to overcome.

Cingular LG F9100: "

LG_f9100.jpg imageI really wanted the Motorola A630 to rock, but almost everyone who finally has gotten their hands on one has been less than impressed. This new LG phone for Cingular looks promising, though, if only because it's got a similar form factor and has a focus on IM. The LG F9100 doesn't even have Bluetooth or a camera, which is sort of a bummer, I guess, but I could deal with it if the IM client was well crafted. We'll see soon, I guess, as it's gotten FCC approval.

LG Readies Messaging Phone For Cingular [Phonescoop]


(Via Gizmodo.)

Cingular LG F9100


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