Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Group Your Buddies By Location: "

My friend Ben Brown is a brilliant fellow. You have no idea how smart he is unless you know him, but needless to say every now and then something cool shakes loose from his head and I love it to death.

This is something totally simple, but makes perfect sense.

Sort your buddy lists by location.

Usually you'll have 'friends' 'family' and 'people i pretend to like' for your groups in your buddy list. Maybe something like 'MobileWhack' to keep close tabs on your intrepid handset heros.


What my friend Ben does is to sort buddies by location. If you have a smartphone, Hiptop, or VeriChat for the BlackBerry, you can quickly surf your buddies by location when you get off the plane. This may seem kind of silly, unless you ever travel.

Often times I'll get sent somewhere on business or take a spontaneous trip somewhere. Maybe I'll go to Boston for the day, or I get sent down to work in DC for a spell. I can easily see who is around and obviously slacking off in DC or Los Angeles, and send them a quick message asking them to buy me lunch.

There are buddies I have that don't quite fall into any location because they're always all over the place. They get filed into 'Friends - JetSet' in almost every circumstance.)

How do you sort your mobile buddies?

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(Via MobileWhack.)

Group Your Buddies By Location


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