Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Crunkie -- Mobile Social Software App: "

Last Spring, I wrote an article for about WaveMarket and their 'location blogging.' Now, they've come out with Crunkie, a 'mobile social software' app.

(Via Mobile Community Design)

WaveMarket a pioneer in location-based services, today introduced Crunkie, a revolutionary new location-based mobile blog virtual community service that allows users to find friends and post location-tagged messages, pictures and other media instantly retrievable by friends and other Crunkie users.

Crunkie is a service that enables users to participate in a mobile social network -- combining location-based friend search, messaging and user- generated (or blog) mobile content. Users create, update and location-tag public blog entries via their wireless phones. Users may add blogs, comments, rankings and categories to specific locations and public places, like restaurants or nightclubs. All of this content is meant to be shared with friends or communities. Those reviewing posts may then look up blog entries based on their relation to a specific vicinity using a map-based interface, in addition to the more traditional categorical menu.

The service is designed for young, mobile users who want to keep up-to- date on the hottest venues and in touch with their ever-widening circle of friends. Crunkie users can check for messages or photos posted from nightclubs, bars and restaurants to search out the most happening scene, or read messages recently posted by friends who are close by.


(Via Smart Mobs.)

Crunkie -- Mobile Social Software App


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