Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bravo. Let's also add, "When was the last time you printed a photo from your digital camera?"

When Did You Last Print a Cameraphone Photo?: "

Print a photo from a camera phone? The Wall Street Journal reports on a marketing campaigns by Hewlett-Packard, Fuji Photo Film, Canon, and Kodak to convince people to print the photos stored in their cameraphones. The article notes that

Sales of camera phones outstripped stand-alone digital cameras for the first time in 2003. This year, research firm IDC expects 186.3 million camera phones to be sold, more than double its projected 68.8 million for digital-camera sales. That means phone makers such as Nokia and Samsung Electronics Co. have displaced traditional camera manufacturers as the biggest makers of digital cameras.
The polite folks at the WSJ don't say the campaign is stupid, but I will. I can't think of anyone who prints out a photo from a camera phone. You might share them on a photo sharing service. These companies would have as much success running a campaign encouraging people to retun to faxes.


(Via business2blog.)

When Did You Last Print a Cameraphone Photo?


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