Sunday, September 05, 2004

Women Connect with Others Using Cameraphones: "

Vodafone UK a cellphone company has polled 3,500 women to see how they use their cellphones.

-- 20 percent of mobile users send snaps of themselves in new outfits to friends to see if they like them.

-- 18 per cent take pictures of shoes or clothes on display for the same reason.

-- 5 per cent take pictures of snappy dressers that they see on the high street to copy their style.

-- 15 per cent frequently pull out their camera-phones to photograph the sides and backs of their hair,

-- 10 per cent use their camera-phones as a mirror to check their make-up.

-- 4 per cent even resort to getting the phone out in the middle of a restaurant after dinner - to check their teeth.

-- More than 20 per cent use their phone to capture details of a new property, and 15 per cent send pictures of new furnishings to partners to get their opinions.

Consquently, Vodafone UK has updated its Vodafone Live service with the addition of a new "For Girls" section.

The new mobile content section in the Vodafone Live portal will offer, amongst other things, fashion news, health advice, recipes and celebrity gossip.

No surprise here that women are using this technology to augment their ability to connect with other women.

Should stores encourage women to send picture phone pics of themselves with or in the store merchandise to their friends for their opinion? Absolutely! I suspect if a woman is willing to send a picture of some merchandise she is considering a little affirmation from her girlfriends will seal the sale. Even on the occasion that her friends discourage her from purchasing a item or inform her an item can be acquired elsewhere for less she will still value the store that allows/encourages her to send the pics in the first place.

Camera phones are changing peoples lives in large and small ways.



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