Sunday, September 05, 2004

Well here's a vote of confidence. Now I'll have to look into one of these.

Me and my toys...Sidekick II: "

Thanks to the folks at Danger and T-Mobile for getting me my new bestest gadget, the Sidekick II

I have been a long time user of Sidekick I, but II just kicks its ass.

The design is simpler, the phone is better, the camera works like a real camera and the email and web browser are
faster than before. I love it.

To all you corporo types out there that like the Blackberry, you have no idea what productivity is like ‘till you
play with one of these bad-boys.

The keyboard is something that works for any fat fingered typist. The screen has colors and I don’t go blind
staring at it, but my fave feature is the fact that I can store a ton of my email right on the device in different

I live off of email. I check my email 20 x for every time I check voicemail. My productivity comes from
being able to respond how and in as much depth to any of the more than 1k I get every day. The II, lets me do that
anywhere. The keyboard is big enough that I can type at almost desktop speeds.

It also allows me to use the email storage ability as a realtime tickler. Emails that I need to respond to get put
into the Important folder and I’m off to work. If I fall behind, unlike other devices, where I have to resync, or go
back to my main PC, the II stores 8mb of emails so as long as I’m not away too long, my work is there waiting for

It’s all about using my time where and how I want, and the II lets me do both.

Five Stars on my new productivity ranking list that I just invented for this blog :)



(Via Blog Maverick.)


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