Monday, September 13, 2004

Real Music on the Phone: "

We've been a big believer that cellphone ringtones are going to be a big business. The Wall Street Journal disagrees. It says the ring tone business is "a dizzying free-for-all, stymied by nightmarish contractual disputes, conflicting technical requirements and the old specter of piracy." The WSJ argues that the business is short-lived because new cellphones with large-capacity hard drives will store large amounts of orginal music that can be used as ring tones. (To prove how congfusing it is, the WSJ says no can agree on what to call the new version of ringtone--master-tape ringtones, ring tunes, true tones, hi-fi ringers or song tones.

Maybe, but considering that technology opens up the cellphone platform for even more music and therefore more money, we think the Journal is over reacting. Somehow, the lawyers will figure out how to keep everyone making money.


(Via business2blog.)

Real Music on the Phone


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