Sunday, September 05, 2004

The PTT feature seems to be a bit of a step backwards to me. While I'm sure there are situations that either require the PTT, or where PTT is prefered, it is a bit of an annoyance to those of us who now have to listen to not only one, but now both sides of the conversation you're having in public. While most if not all of the current wireless providers are now offering free minutes while calling in network, what is the advantage of having the additional PTT feature?

Nokia Moves Forward with Push-to-Talk Plans: "Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens all have announced the first joint interoperability tests for push-to-talk technology. Meanwhile, Nokia has said its own new PTT infrastructure solution will in fact also enable operators to use manufacturers' push-to-talk terminals. According to Nokia, push-to-talk..."

(Via Smart Mobs.)


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