Thursday, September 09, 2004

Media Ecology of Mobile Phones: "

My latest article on applies Postman's questions about the socio-technological ecology of media to mobile telephones. I've invited readers to join the fray. Please do!

The mobile telephone has quickly, profoundly, and unexpectedly altered many aspects of human life -- social, economic, cultural and political.

Although social scientists have looked into several of these areas of change, little is understood about the whole system of changes: exactly what the late Neil Postman would call a problem of "media ecology."

I propose that we -- you, the readers, and I -- apply Postman's "Ten Principles of Technology" (from The End of Education) as probes into this complex storm of forces most people in the world find ourselves experiencing in our daily lives.

Last November, we had a lot of fun, and perhaps sparked a few insights, applying McLuhan's "Laws of Media" as conceptual probes in "McLuhanizing Mobile Media." In a similar manner, I will lay out here the basic questions as Postman proposed and offer my own takes on answers. But the rest of the exercise depends on reader participation -- I know that readers of my articles will know more than I do about most of what follows. And perhaps we'll discover that we know more together than any of us knows alone.


(Via Smart Mobs.)

Media Ecology of Mobile Phones


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