Thursday, September 23, 2004

I've written previously about our frustration with Sprint who is our current carrier. Part of the family has already moved from Sprint and I figured I'll check out another provider to see what they have to offer. Well, into the local T-Mobile store in Downtown Denver. What a waste of time. I told the young lady who greeted me that I was interested in changing my Cell phone provider and was also interested in the Sidekick II which they have in stock at this location. She proceeded to tell me that there are no incentives or promotions currently for those wanting to switch providers to T-Mobile. I then asked about becoming a new T-Mobile client, and she spent the next few minutes telling me all about their great customer service and cellular network. Never once did she ask me why I wanted to move to T-Mobile or engage me in some sort of new customer program to become a new client of theirs.

Apparently T-Mobile here in Denver has enough clients and their sales people are being instructed to do what they can to discourage people from becoming new T-Mobile clients.

Sad, very sad.


Blogger Note said...

hihi!!! dun be sad.... must try to be happy.. then life will be better... dun tink of the bad tin... tin of the happy tin...lolx... u tak gd care... byebye...

6:06 AM  

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