Monday, September 06, 2004

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Courtesy of another reader we’ve got a second hands-on report about the “Charm”, RIM’s codename for a new, more,
cellphone-like BlackBerry they have coming out later this year which puts two letters onto each key to try and shrink
down the size of the keyboard. He had this to say about it:

I’ve played with it and love it!

The PROs

This thing is awesome! I just came from a tradeshow where T-Mobile was exhibiting. I spent an hour with this thing
and couldn’t put it down. The predictive text is unusually accurate. And the more you type, the better it understands
your writing style. It also seems to build a custom dictionary for you. The only hard thing to get used to is not
watching what you type. At first, the random key assignments start showing up (rs481xcwo) , then once it has enough
info, it resolves what you’ve typed. Once you get the hang of it, it’s about as fast as shorthand.

Next, the screen is awesome. I had no trouble reading anything under intense floor lighting. My phone was washed
out but the RIM phone was crisp.

The browser has been refined. I hit some of my usual URL haunts and this thing did a great job of translating
content. Much better than the weak WAP browsers they have now.

The CONs

The engineer that owned this one said it did not have bluetooth, or camera. I guess if all you really need is good
corporate email bouncing and a decent browser this fills the bill.

A little on the heavy side. But not too bad. I would rate it a bit heavier than the Treo 600.


I have a Treo 600, a RIM 7230 and a Siemens SL56. I’ve seen the new Treo 650 but my vote still falls on the new
RIM. Why? Treo relies on typical POP or IMAP to ger mail. My network cops keep our Exchange Server locked down tight.
No forwarding—no POP—period! The only way around this is with RIM’s redirector. My 7230 gives me better access to what
I really need. The Treo is nice but I can’t use POP alone. The T-Mob guys said there was another unit in route. Not
sure what it’s fixing but he thought t-mob would drop this on the market before Christmas.


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