Sunday, September 19, 2004

Good points all around here. I make use of Winksitefor my current Moblogging. While it's effective, it could be more so. Currently it's not the software, but the hardware, a two year old Sprint phone. Inspiration doesn't always come while sitting in front of the desktop computer. It arrives while driving, riding the bus and doing the 1001 other mundane things of daily life.

Moblogging Re(de)fined: "Dave Winer (after talking with Robert Scoble) writes a posting that deconstructs moblogging. This helps clarify the genre for me.

This isn't just about pictures. It's about all kinds of media, and includes text, videos and audio. It's definitely about mobility, and on-the-fly posting from whatever location strikes you as useful.

It also requires hardware designed for the purpose. I have a terrific RSS reader for my mobile phone/PDA. Now I want something that lets me post as easily, and haven't found anything to match my needs. The software is improving, though.

When I think about reader contributions to tomorrow's journalism, one of the most important roles will be presence. That is, when average folks are at a scene where the professional journalists are not, they can capture -- through observation, audio recordings, photos and video -- the elemental data of the situation. Moblogging is an essential part of this."

(Via Dan Gillmor's eJournal.)

Moblogging Re(de)fined


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