Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Del.icio.us Smartmobs: "

Whenever a media-using habit becomes obsessive-compulsive fun, I know something is happening that might change the way I do everything. I remember the first Macintosh I got my hands on, and the hours that were lost in Macpaint -- almost all of it using Fatbits, an artistic capability that no instrument had provided before. I remember when the first thing I did online every morning was check the NCSA Mosaic site to see what wild, wonderful, and useful websites had been created the night before. Virtual communities. Instant messaging. Blogging. Now I find myself drawn to the del.icio.us home page, just to see what people have bookmarked. Even more fun is checking out what has been added to the smartmobs or cooperation collections of juicy finds. Who ARE these people? And what ELSE are they bookmarking? Social bookmarking, folksonomy -- I even like the jargon people use before any of us really knows what shape this critter will take when it grows up. If you come across any sites that would interest others who are tracking smart mobs or cooperation -- bookmark them to those tags. Some day in the not too distant future, I'll post the best of what turns up.


(Via Smart Mobs.)

Del.icio.us Smartmobs


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