Sunday, September 05, 2004

Camera phones versus "wearable" VGA digital camera: "

engadget_philips_vga_wearable_camera_photosThis morning I wrote about the bad photo quality from Sprint PCS' PM-8920 1.3 megapixel camera phone from Pantech & Curitel. Indeed, I've been writing that some VGA camera phones produce images that are far superior to those from the PM-8910. The poor quality of the 1.3 megapixel sensor is painfully evident when you look at photos (see left) produced from a tiny Philips' VGA camera.

Phillip Torrone writes in Engadet about Philips' "wearable" camera that can attach to a keychain and that takes pretty good pictures
. The camera doesn't have an LCD screen or a flash, but the photos are good, the device attaches to a USB port of a Windows, Apple or Linux computer and it's so small and easy to use that you could can take it with you all the time.

"Take it with you all the time" -- that's key. Sure you can carry around a camera phone, but what if the photos are awful? The camera sort of loses its value.

Value, quality, portability, features

Yes, camera phones provide wireless capabilities so the photos can be transmitted. But, again, the wireless capability isn't valuable if photo quality is poor.

Philips has another "wearable" camera -- the Key 019 Key Ring Camcorder -- that features two megapixel resolution, a video recorder, a tiny LCD viewfinder and MP3 capabilities. Amazon sells it for $230.

Sure, there are many tiny digital cameras that take good photos. And that's the point of this entry. Camera phones that take poor photos won't survive in the marketplace. They will be laughed out of business -- and should be.


(Via Reiter's Camera Phone Report.)


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