Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bluetooth contacting application: "

MeetingPoint is a free, simple, short-range contacting software, using Bluetooth wireless technology.


Its main purpose is to help people find each other in mobile situations or on crowded public places, even when it’s the first time they meet. Just tune your MeetingPoint to a previously agreed channel and it will fire an audible alarm when both parties are within bluetooth working range.

It’s useful for:

- Arranging a meeting with someone you don’t know in person (e.g. virtual friends from a chat room). Just tune your MeetingPoint to a previously agreed channel, and go to the meeting point (airport, crowded pub, etc). When you are within range, both MeetingPoints will fire audible alarms,

making you aware of the other party’s location.

- Contacting like-minded people, or pals sharing your interests, religion or preferences.

- Mass-sending a message to everybody within range, not just MeetingPoint users. by way of Judith Meskill on the Socialsoftwareweblog


(Via Smart Mobs.)

Bluetooth contacting application


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