Sunday, September 05, 2004

Anyone turning camera phones into Webcams?: "

Dennis Hettema, the head of camera phone barcode systems integrator OP3 in Sweden, wonders whether anyone has developed or is developing software to turn a camera phone into a standalone Webcam. Dennis has done some work on this and says it's certainly do-able.

Dennis discontinued the effort because it's not directly part of his core business, but he's very interested in the am I. He's even registered two URLs for a camera phone-Webcam business: and

He tells me the latter -- JoinMyNight -- could be an "R" rated service!

I've had e-mails from a couple of business people interested in a camera phone functioning as a Webcam. As with so many applications, I can see good and bad uses for this.


(Via Reiter's Camera Phone Report.)


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