Tuesday, September 21, 2004

And if my current phone is cameraless?

Poll says SMS users prefer to take camera phones, not digital cameras, on vacation: "

A survey conducted by ForceNine Consulting in conjunction with SMS.ac of more than 35,000 SMS users worldwide shows 57 percent of U.S. users would prefer to take a camera phone rather than a digital camera on their next vacation, according to the ForceNine press release.

Overall, 85 percent of those polled said they preferred a camera phone.

The survey indicates only 24 percent of U.S. camera phone owners have transmitted a photo. That's hardly surprising since there is no picture messaging interoperability among cellular operators in the U.S. -- a pathetic situation that highlights the user-hostile attitude of operators who haven't seemed to learn that interoperability promotes traffic.

Don't know how to use

The poll results also show 30 percent of users do not know how to transmit photographs.

Andy Roscoe, a partner at ForceNine, says, "“This shows huge potential for revenue growth for the carriers. If more people were confident of how to transmit pictures taken from camera phones, our research indicates a near-term potential for over half of camera phone owners to regularly send pictures.

"This could represent significant additional demand for capacity as the number of camera phones in service also grows.”


(Via Reiter's Camera Phone Report.)

Poll says SMS users prefer to take camera phones, not digital cameras, on vacation


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