Sunday, August 08, 2004

27,000 Hotels with Broadband by 2008, Report Says: "In-Stat MDR reports says 5,200 hotels today, 28,000 by 2008: A story on the report shares the additional detail that revenue from hotel broadband was $153 million in 2003, In-Stat MDR estimates, and will be triple that in 2004. Of course, we're seeing a parallel trend of hotels installing broadband and then not charging for it, building the cost into their overall capital and operations budget to encourage more room nights and compete with hotels that do charge for access. My brother-in-law was just traveling in Oregon with an old friend who needed to work each evening, but had her days free. She needed reliable high-speed Internet service. Even though they were staying outside of major cities, they managed to find it everywhere. I expect that especially in places where Internet access is otherwise scarce and phone lines don't produce good modem connections that the competition for Internet access in hotels will be higher...."

(Via 802.11b Networking News.)


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